Talk to the Moon

Title: Talk to the Moon
Release Date: March 27, 2015
Pages: 258
ISBN13: 978-0692387467
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What was life like on an African Hospital Mission during World War Two? When Gabe, the heir to Greystones, is handed the diaries of his godmother, Holly Morgan, he is unprepared for the secrets revealed within, alarming secrets that implicate his family in two shocking murders forty-seven years ago.

Like a spectator at a train wreck, Gabe is horrified at the revelations but he can’t bring himself look away. There are many things he does not know about his godmother, but there is even more that he does not know about his own family.

We take a peek into the life of Holly Morgan as she draws us into her daily life on the mission; her infatuation with a handsome Air Force Lieutenant, Tony, and her rocky relationship with a beautiful co-worker. Who are these people? Can Holly trust them?

Talk to the Moon is a story of human relationships, but it is also a story about the roots of racial injustice that set the stage for the war of Independence. The country of Rhodesia no longer exists in its original form—if it ever had one. It has always been a country of shifting political tides and Talk to the Moon captures a brief period of the Camelot Days as a Dominion of Britain as seen through the eyes of a young and naïve white girl.