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The Ialana Series Trailer


Music and words by Brooksie Wells ©2017


I am often asked what inspires me as a fantasy author. I am equally inspired by reading great books, and having more amazing and magical life experiences than I probably deserve.

So what would I consider a great book? Well, there are many, but if I had to judge by the number of times I have read something, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, takes the prize. I am not only a fan of the books though; the movies have kept me spell-bound even after viewing each at least eleventy-one times. Hubby’s reaction, after asking me how many times I’ve watched that movie, is one of pure bafflement. His taste in movies run to slap-stick comedies and Quenton Tarantino. He doesn’t get fantasy. Not at all.


Ialana is a continent inspired by the legendary Atlantis, located somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean of today. Ialana is a land of my imagination, but in some ways, it may also resemble the lost continent. Many of the legends of Atlantis indicate that the continent was in the shape of a turtle, its capital city ring-shaped, so I made the largest city on Ialana ringed and located it in a Bay.

If Ialana was a continent in the Atlantic Ocean (in my books it is called the Sea of Alania) it would have a spine of mountains down its center that are now the mid-Atlantic ocean ridge. It would have existed in a time when glaciers may have covered parts of the northern hemisphere, but Ialana is lucky enough that only its extreme northern area is covered by an ice sheet. The northern areas of the country of Rhagbeneth is covered with this ice sheet.