The Ialana Series

Six young heroes leave the only homes they have ever known, and embark upon a perilous quest to discover a secret about themselves, a secret that is buried deep within.

Katlynn Brooke

About Katlynn

Katlynn Brooke has always enjoyed both reading and writing stories of adventure, danger, and daring. As a child, she grew up in the African bushveld with that same sense of fun and adventure as a regular part of her life. Things could be difficult for a girl with no running water or electricity, living far from any town, but she has also found her life a series of fascinating adventures that have inspired her to impart a sense of realism to her books.

New Covers for the Series

An exciting and completely new look is coming to the series, but be patient as the covers are slowly replaced. The first and second books are up and available on Amazon, and the rest of the series will be updated in the next few months.

Music and words by Brooksie Wells ©2017

Audio & Series Music

Watch this space for an audio excerpt of the first book in the series, The Six and the Crystals of Ialana, soon to be published on Audible and available on Amazon. The narrator is Katherine Leask, a talented and well-known actress. The book is currently in production and will be available soon!

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