About Katlynn

Growing up in Africa during the 50’s and 60’s, Katlynn Brooke’s childhood was an unusual one, even by African standards. Her father’s job as a builder took the family to out of the way places in the African bushveld, places where little to no infrastructure existed. Katlynn was used to walking barefoot through the bush, swimming in crocodile infested rivers, and living without electricity or running water.

Katlynn’s education was a mix of home-schooling in hastily constructed pole and mud shelters, some years of boarding school, and then day school during a brief period when they actually lived in a town.

In spite of the hardships, Katlynn managed to survive her childhood, developing a love for reading, writing, and painting. Her scribblings during the hot, African nights were turned into plays that nearly everyone in the family would participate in. Well, not Dad, but most everyone else.

Later in life, Katlynn’s daydreams became her reality, and she traveled the world, living in India and Indonesia, before finally settling down in Virginia, where she now lives with her husband and a cat. Katlynn is still a part-time artist, an avid reader and day-dreamer, who is able to draw extensively on her past experiences to create out-of-the-ordinary fantasy novels: novels that will not only entertain her readers, but inspire, just as she was once inspired.