The Tree Wizard of Ialana

Title: The Tree Wizard of Ialana
Series: The Ialana Series #4
Release Date: September 30, 2017
Pages: 284
ISBN13: 978-0692948378
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Packed with danger and love, the fourth book of the Ialana Series is full of intrigue and fantastic creatures.

An island teeters on the brink of disappearing.

A missing girl, and a lost pendant that contains a powerful secret.

Who is the silver-eyed, Eldred boy Bean, and what magical powers does he possess that Grayfell, an Eldred wizard, must conceal at all costs?

Irusan, the transcendental shape-shifter is tasked with finding the girl, along with the answers to the enigma of Unala, the mysterious land to the north. He must discover how to unlock the puzzle of the Golden Tip, the ancient home of the Elluin—the Eldred gods. He has to find the portal key before the island of Mu’A vanishes and demonic forces discover its secrets. He must do all this without the use of his own special powers: powers he has lost in a diabolical betrayal.

Will Irusan succeed, or are the citizens of Mu’A doomed?