The Six and the Crystals of Ialana


“The narrative is rich in twists and turns that will also challenge the imagination.”
—Maria Beltrane, Reviewer, Reader’s Favorite

Six far from ordinary young heroes carry a secret buried deep within; an adventure 500 years in the making. Along with a seventh, they leave the only homes they have ever known to embark upon a life-altering quest to find a mysterious crystal with strange powers, and to rediscover and restore an age-old mission that once ended in their deaths.

Bonded by time and a shared dream, they must find their way through a deadly maze of mountain caves where they face insidious creatures, but perhaps none so dangerous as one of their own.

Guided by Irusan the transcendental shape-shifter, the six develop impenetrable relationships and ultimately learn to rely upon one another. They battle their way to the lost crystal, but will they find it in time? Or, will their enemy, a powerful Dragon King, succeed in his mission to destroy them and gain the crystal’s powers for his own ends?

“This has all the classic elements of a quest, and should appeal to fantasy lovers of all ages. Danger and mystery follow the six and make for a compelling read, as the twists and turns unfold. Highly enjoyable.”
—A Reviewer on Goodreads

“This book reminds me of the series I read when I was a kid, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys; they were different genres to be certain, but it was the same sense of fun and adventure.”
—An Amazon Reviewer

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The Six and the Gardeners of Ialana


"The Six and the Gardeners of Ialana is the second book of a series, and one in which author Katlynn Brooke really hits her stride. This entry in the fantasy genre is another one that fans of fantasy will love, as Katlynn takes us back to a sprawling world which she has created; one that abounds with metaphysical meaning."
Levi, OnLine Book Club Reviewer, 4 stars

In the second of The Ialana Series, there is still no place of safety for the Six healers. Trapped by malevolent creatures, hunted by a monster who seeks them for reasons of its own, and on the run from a king and a conniving shape-shifter, they find themselves caught in the midst of a power struggle between the competing rulers of Ialana.

Their only hope is to find the mysterious abode of the Gardeners. Who are the Gardeners, and what is their purpose for the Six?

In The Six and the Gardeners of Ialana, the Six explore the mysteries of healing, elemental command, and through many more trials, learn their true purpose in life.

"Lovers of epic fantasy will find little to complain about here; if anything they get the added bonus of shapeshifters."
Ian Hunter, Amazon Reviewer

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The Six and Anwyn of Ialana


The Six healers believe the sanctuary Queen Catrin has offered them in Three Rivers will ensure their safety, but they are unaware that their past may return to haunt them. What they do not know may just kill not only them, but it will most certainly destroy Anwyn, the thirteen year old daughter of two of the healers.

For reasons unknown to the Six, Astrobal, the ruler of the underworld of Iochodran, wants Anwyn, dead or alive. The demon-lord has recruited a new hired hand, Glahivar, a powerful shape-shifter, to do his dirty work: to recover a recently discovered weapon of mass destruction. Will Glahivar succeed in her mission or will she instead run her own agenda, an agenda which may be different to that of her master?

What is Anwyn’s personal connection to the weapon, and will she and the Six be able to prevent it from destroying the planet?

Meanwhile, the Queen and Ambros have problems of their own. A threat from the south by Moran, the war-lord of Yor Swamps, is in the making. Glahivar has no qualms in using the situation to her best advantage, and as a bonus, to end Queen Catrin’s reign.

In a race to the end, Anwyn and the Six must not only obtain possession of the weapon without killing themselves or causing a catastrophic event, but they must find a way to deactivate it, permanently.

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The Tree Wizard of Ialana


Packed with danger and love, the fourth book of the Ialana Series is full of intrigue and fantastic creatures.

An island teeters on the brink of disappearing.

A missing girl, and a lost pendant that contains a powerful secret.

Who is the silver-eyed, Eldred boy Bean, and what magical powers does he possess that Grayfell, an Eldred wizard, must conceal at all costs?

Irusan, the transcendental shape-shifter is tasked with finding the girl, along with the answers to the enigma of Unala, the mysterious land to the north. He must discover how to unlock the puzzle of the Golden Tip, the ancient home of the Elluin—the Eldred gods. He has to find the portal key before the island of Mu’A vanishes and demonic forces discover its secrets. He must do all this without the use of his own special powers: powers he has lost in a diabolical betrayal.

Will Irusan succeed, or are the citizens of Mu’A doomed?

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