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Archive for June 2016

How To Get My Books Free

My novellas will always be offered free so that you, as a new reader, may have the opportunity to become more familiar with The Ialana Series. It is often difficult to decide if a new book, author, or series is worth one’s time and money. I understand that, because I am a reader too, so…

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About: The Continent of Ialana

(The Ialana Series) Ialana is a continent inspired by the legendary Atlantis, located somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean of today. Ialana is a land of my imagination, but in some ways, it may also resemble the lost continent. Many of the legends of Atlantis indicate that the continent was in the shape…

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The Inspiration Behind My Books

I am often asked what inspires me as a fantasy author. I am equally inspired by reading great books, and having more amazing and magical life experiences than I probably deserve. So what would I consider a great book? Well, there are many, but if I had to judge by the number of times I…

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