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The-People-of-the-Damned-Katlynn-BrookeMy novellas will always be offered free so that you, as a new reader, may have the opportunity to become more familiar with The Ialana Series. It is often difficult to decide if a new book, author, or series is worth one’s time and money. I understand that, because I am a reader too, so that is why I offer the novellas free as your starter library. This is why I need to be able to send you information on how to get not only novellas, but more of my full-length books free.

Amazon allows me to promote my books every three months or so by offering my full-length novels free to Amazon customers. If you enjoyed my novella, you may want to read the first or second (or even third) in the series. I hope that you won’t want to miss out on these offers!

Since a novella is shorter than a novel—about one third of the word count of my full-length novels, I am able to finish them in record time and present them to you at no cost. But, just because a novella takes me less time to write, does not mean I will not put as much care into it as I do with a full length novel. You will always have a quality product that has been thoroughly edited and checked, and properly formatted.

My first free novella is “The People of the Damned”. It is roughly an 80 page (Kindle page) back-story of two characters, Holgar and Adne, who are also featured in The Ialana Series. It is not necessary for you to have read any previous books in the Ialana series to enjoy this novella, but for those who have read any book in the Ialana Series, they may remember that Holgar and Adne were the parents of Djana, one of the six healers.

Holgar and Adne are are thirteen year olds from the Land of Affarre, a version of Africa in this world, who are taken into slavery and transported to the continent of Ialana. How will they manage to survive the horrific plans that Amrafalus, the Dragon King of Rhiannon, has in store for them in this strange land?

When I wrote The Six and the Crystals of Ialana, I indicated in the book that these two characters had a history together, but I did not go into great detail about that history. I think that when an author has characters who become larger than what one can put into one novel, they deserve another book, one that gives them the opportunity to tell their separate story. This is what I have done.

This novella will not be the last free offer; I have more coming! There are many other characters, including these two, that have fascinating backgrounds and want or need to be heard. Stay tuned—you will hear more of them in the near future!



  1. Kathy Lake on July 10, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    I don’t normally like novellas but being a fan of the Ialana series, I read “The people of the damned”. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is as well written as the books and gives a great insight into some of the lesser characters and the world featured in this wonderful series. I look forward to future novellas and books in the series. I would highly recommend them to anyone young or old with a sense of adventure. Well done Ms Brooke.

    • Katlynn Brooke on July 11, 2016 at 8:14 am

      Thank you Kathy! I am glad to hear the novella has expanded your sense of the characters that inhabit the world of Ialana! I will definitely be working on adding more free novellas for my readers.

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