New Covers for The Ialana Series


I am excited to introduce a new look for the Ialana Series, Books one through three. The covers each feature a different character from the series, and I would like my readers to decide for themselves which character is best represented by the cover. It is possible the male above may be a composite of different main characters too, and that would not be an incorrect assumption. I really prefer my readers to visualize their own version of a character as they read the books, and do not wish to force an image on you if you see a character as different to what is depicted on the cover.

I think too that covers are mainly to show up the genre and age group, and I feel this cover, and those below, represent my series in a more unified way. I hope you will agree. I love to get feedback, so any comments are always appreciated.


I hope you will be patient as these covers are slowly integrated into the print versions on Amazon, the ebook format, here on my site and all over the web wherever they are featured. I will be changing it on Audible too, but this might take some time, so if you are still seeing the old covers on Audible and Amazon, it is because it does have to go through a process. If you have already purchased or read the print or ebook versions, do not be concerned. The interior of the books are still the same. Nothing else has changed, only the covers.


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