Pre-Order The Tree Wizard of Ialana, Book 4 of the Ialana Series

Available: September 30

At last the end is in sight. All that remains is a quick re-write, then The Tree Wizard of Ialana goes to the person who formats my books, and voila! It will be ready for download.

Here is what my editor said, among many other things, but I liked this part: “What a wonderful story you have written! It is packed full of action, interesting characters, and you have built a world that is captivating in its nuances and with its strange creatures.”


This book has been the most fun one yet to write. I do believe it may be my most successful book too. Why? Because I have learned so much from you, my readers. I have learned a lot more about what appeals to you and how to better convey the sense of danger and adventure that thread through my books. While my first three books are great, according to my readers, I think you will find this one the most compelling.

Once again, there are several main characters, although this time, The Six take more of a back seat. Way, way in the back, with the old folks, hehe, although you will see them. In this book I allow some younger characters to come forth, but there are also some characters that you will recognize from the first three books.  Irusan makes a reappearance, for example, but this time in a role that he is not accustomed to.

Order the book now and be among the first to read it when it is finally downloaded onto your kindle.



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