My Name is Jarah


My name is Jarah.

I am an eighteen year old boy from Meadowfield, Ialana. At least I was, when the book, The Six and the Crystals of Ialana was written, but now I am a traveler not only in my own world, but later on in the series other dimensions too.

I would never have thought it possible—I mean, other dimensions? C’mon! Blaidd would have laughed at me if I’d even suggested it, and anyway who of us even knew, back then, what a dimension was?

My best friend, Adain, would never have laughed at me, but he would have thought I’d lost my mind, except—that he’d had the dreams too. Oh Idris—they frightened us. We both thought we’d been magicked. It was that man who showed up in Meadowfield. Adain had said to me one night, It must have been him—he’s a sorcerer! But, as we later found out, it all turned out to be something completely different, something we could never have guessed at. Something that would have given us even more nightmares had we known …

Getting back to Blaidd. He and I were never friends, but deep down, I felt bad for him. I just had to look at his father—the town drunk. I wish now that he’d given me a chance, especially now that I know so much more about him. I found out, after we’d left Rhiannon, about his own secret, and it wasn’t anything to brag about.

Rhiannon. Now that was a city. It would put Three Rivers to shame. Sadly, Blaidd’s fascination with Rhiannon was his undoing, and almost ours, too.

Back in the old days, in Meadowfield, I never thought I’d find love either. In fact, I never thought I’d even have close friends. You see, I was always a bit of a loner, sitting on the outside looking in while the other kids in the village seemed to laugh at me. How wrong I was. I can see now my perceptions were colored by my shyness and my tendency to turn bright red at the worst times.

I would love to talk to the younger Jarah from my present perspective. He would have felt so much better, but I doubt he would have believed me. Anyway, you are going to need to read the book if you want to find out more. Remember, some things are hard to believe. Some of your perceptions and old beliefs may change, as ours did. And you won’t even need to make the journey we made, the one that almost killed us, but you can come along for the ride. I can promise you it won’t be dull!

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